Bubble Tea

Cassava Cafe is Chicago’s first gourmet Bubble Tea experience. Our teas are all made from scratch, from the varieties of milks, to the fresh ingredients. We work hard to provide our customers with only the best -- that means no powders, preservatives, or artificial flavors!

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Whether you need a place to unwind, study for exams, or board game with friends, Cassava Cafe is there for you. Our modern, inviting, fully custom space is versatile to the many occasions that lend themselves to enjoying a delicious, handcrafted tea.


We are a family owned and operated business, and you’ll find our family values ingrained within every aspect of our store. We love serving our customers and providing them with the best quality Bubble Teas, coffees, and smoothies in Chicago. Join us for a unique and just plain fun experience :) Oh and don’t forget to invite your friends! #workplayboba

1211 N LaSalle Dr, Unit CU-2
Chicago, IL 60610